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Don’t let life pass you by as you’re making plans for big things, get out and make things happen. We’re a couple that quit our jobs and set off to travel the world, refusing to look back and wonder, “what if?”

Living IF is about living life to know what is, rather than forever wonder what if.

Your happiness is in direct proportion to the quality of the questions you ask.  While lying awake at night the most powerful or haunting question you can ask yourself is, “what if?”  Either it drives you to make a change or has you looking in the rear-view mirror at what could have been.  This site is dedicated to never looking back and wondering, to not lying awake and regretting, “what if?”

Our “if” was to travel the world.  There were more reasons not to travel than to do it: life was comfortable and we had few complaints, we could have built a “happy life” with a home and children.  Instead we sold off our possessions, quit our jobs and left behind the life we knew…for the unknown.  It was a leap of faith, but one that we would have regretted more had we not taken it.  We would be forever forced to wonder, “what if?”

Here’s to you!  Live your ifs, follow your passion, for better or worse, to forever know you stepped up to the plate.  This site is for all the adventurers, entrepreneurs, and square-pegs-who-live-in-a-round-hole-world.  This site will show you that living your ifs, whatever they are, is a road full of potholes, wins and losses, but knowing that we did it is worth it.



We’re a couple that was born and raised in Minnesota.  We are public-school-educated, tap-water-drinking, hamburger loving, normal people.  We are not superheroes and do not pretend to be.  We just had an idea, worked for years when the dream was distant, then made it happen.  If you want to find out why and how we did this, see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.  Click here to learn more about our travels and where we’ve been.


Erica is a human Energizer Bunny, she is the power, the leader and the heart.  She has a degree in Recreation Management and uses it daily to create in-city itineraries, figure out all the possible things to do nearby and the “must-sees”.  To learn more about LOCAVORista see her page.



Matt is the trip organizer and logistics manager.  He handles the city-to-city and country-to-country logistics including transportation, visas, and narrows LOCAVORista’s plans down to what is doable.  He brings with him diverse business experience and plenty of allergy medicine.  To learn more about thinkCHUA see his page.


QUOTE CREDIT: Kent Wright, a fellow traveler we met in Shangri-La, China added to our life the saying, “it is better to know what is, than forever wonder what if.”  We have borrowed that quote on this page as it was the best summation of our website’s title: “Living if” we have heard.


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