Confessions of a Honeymoon Crasher

Confessions of a Honeymoon Crasher

I didn’t expect to be on a second honeymoon just three years after my first.  Life is full of surprises, but it really was strange to be honeymooning again, especially considering it was someone else’s honeymoon we were on.  Like any great honeymoon though, there was nowhere I’d have rather been.

The honeymooners, divided by one of their honeymoon crashers.

It started with an innocent plan to meet our newlywed friends in Australia.  We’d meet up in Sydney for New Years, then travel up to the Great Barrier Reef.  We expected to do major activities together, but let them enjoy their honeymoon by themselves.  That was the plan…

Meeting up in their posh harbor-view pad we headed out to take the costal walk from Bondi to Coogee beach.  Along the way we caught up with the pair we saw most in our former lives, our neighbors and best friends.  The day reminded us that lifelong friends are those that no matter how long you’ve been apart conversations flow like you saw them yesterday.  (Click here to see photos of sensational Sydney, including New Years and beaches.)

Like every honeymoon I’ve been on, this one included fireworks…

Reliving old times, we left New Years Eve dinner up to LOCAVORista, who didn’t disappoint.  We realized it was on this day, seven years prior, that the four of us had first been introduced, with countless memories created since.  As with that first New Years together, night turned to morning and there was a real possibility that we overindulged.  Headaches aside, we were happy to start the year with them.

LOCAVORista and Kerin posing with a friendly Australian police officer at about 3AM on New Years Day.

They departed to Magnetic Island before us and emailed.  They had arranged a snorkeling trip to the Great Barrier Reef and closed with an invitation to stay with them.  In one of our few moments of clarity we pondered: do we really want to crash their honeymoon?  We decided that yes, yes we did.  When we arrived on Magnetic Island they were waiting for us like a lovely married couple, beginning the most fun part of our entire trip.

Riding in style around Magnetic Island.

The days passed quickly hanging out laughing, exploring and chasing our inebriated wives around.  Thousands of miles from home, for the first time in a year, it felt as comfortable as home.  (Click here to see photos from Magnetic Island including adventures with wild Koalas.)

Preparing for snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef.

When they left was the first time we felt homesick.  Our “old lives” crept back into our conversations, those days when I’d harass Kerin into coming out for happy hour, bike rides with Nick and the random adventures we’d find ourselves on.  It’s funny how being on a honeymoon in a distant land could make you think about life back home, but it gave us something to look forward to when we get home: being neighbors again.

The happy couple after receiving a Coke bottle with Nick’s name on it from an Aussie friend.


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» Ayngelina :
May 4, 2012

The photo of Sydney harbour with the fireworks is amazing. I find sometimes couples like a third person around, it cuts the tension a bit and it means they don’t have to talk to only each other all day.
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» Kerin :
May 17, 2012

I have read this post about 1,000 times. I love you guys and it makes me tear up everytime. There are not many people we would have invited to join our honeymoon but with you two, it was an easy decision. The inevitable shenanigans that come with spending time with you two, are some of my favorite memories from Australia.

And so I must quote what sums it up:

“Each day I am thankful for nights that turned into mornings, friends that turned into family, dreams that turned into reality, and likes that turned into love.”

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thinkCHUA: Photographing and documenting the world on a 3 year round-the-world trip to help future travelers discover new places, travel longer and enjoy the world's great experiences.

About the Author
thinkCHUA: Photographing and documenting the world on a 3 year round-the-world trip to help future travelers discover new places, travel longer and enjoy the world's great experiences.


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