Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

Australia has been on my bucket list for years, with one of the highlights being the Great Ocean Road. Not only was I looking forward to what has been tagged as one of the most beautiful coastal drives in the world, but we met my parents in Melbourne to do the drive together.  Reliving childhood memories through a road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide seemed like a great way to kick off our mini-family reunion.

As I quietly reminisced about  road trips out West and through the Badlands of South Dakota as a kid, we all piled into the car to see The Great Ocean Road.  However, there were a few obvious differences from riding in the back of the family mini-van as a child; first off my brother was replaced with my husband, which is not to say there was any less bickering.  Secondly, we were in Australia and driving on the wrong side of the road and most importantly we were much older than the last time we had all done this.

Fueling up on meat pies at Bells Beach before continuing on down the road.

We set off with thinkCHUA at the wheel easily taking on the role of father. Even before we left the city there was a threat of turning the car right back around. Of course the comment was made in jest, however leaving the city with no navigational help from the map illiterate passengers was trying. Save for a few frightening close encounters with oncoming traffic and some directional mishaps, none of which was helped by the excess of back seat drivers we made our way from Melbourne to Adelaide over four days.

A view of the famous 12 Apostles from the Great Ocean Road

Between the two cities we took in the limestone stacks and the seemingly infinite coastline of South Australia.  The Great Ocean Road is a National Heritage listed 151 mile stretch of road along the south-eastern coast of Australia between the Victorian cities of Torquay and Warrnambool.

The road is dedicated to casualties of World War I, making it the world’s largest war memorial.  Aside from the history and significance of the road it provides for one of the most stunning coast drives the world over.  While it may just be rocks in the ocean, I don’t think I could pick a favorite view.  The whole drive I was glued to the window oohing and awing as if it were the Fourth of July.  Below is a photographic tour of our family road trip.

Getting up close and personal with koalas at Kennet River was a highlight of our drive.

12 Apostles Marine National Park at sunset when the cliff walls reflected the evening sun perfectly

Just as the sun was slipping into the horizon it cast a soft purple hue on the Twelve Apostles.

A view through the Grotto along The Great Ocean Road.

Bay of Martyrs

The London Bridge rock formation, which were connected at one time, but have since become two separate formations.

While I’m sure many people put a family road trip packed like sardines into a Subaru Outback up there with visiting the dentist, it was a wonderful trip. Keep in mind I really don’t mind visiting the dentist either. But all joking aside the views couldn’t have been better, the weather was superb and the company was entertaining as always.  What are your favorite road tripping memories, share your favorite stories in the comments!

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» Kate C :
Mar 16, 2012

Gorgeous pictures! This is definitely a must do for me some day. Do you have to get a temporary license to drive there?

LOCAVORista Reply:

Kate, thanks for the picture compliments. The Great Ocean Road is definitely a must do- it’s actually a great family trip! As long as you have a valid drivers license from the US you are good to go down under. We didn’t even need our international drivers license.

» Bka :
Mar 18, 2012

This was spectacular and having a private chauffeur was special….amazing how our photos don’ t look quite as good as yours……one has to add, we patiently waited at the 12 apostles for 2 plus hours for that perfect purple hued shot…..the experience in our very own trailer trash home was clearly the perfect night cap… dad

LOCAVORista Reply:

Dad, thought you might like the dentist line at the end there…but in all seriousness a very memorable trip and we more than appreciated all the waiting you did for us to get the “perfect shot”

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About the Author
LOCAVORista: A curious adventurer exploring the culinary delights and local traditions around the world. Currently on a 3 year round-the-world trip discovering amazing cultures, must-eats and off-the-beaten-track destinations.


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