Regardless of what your big if is, there is probably a community of people out there to support you and to help you achieve your goal.  When we started pondering “what if we quit our jobs to travel” we found many helpful blogs and like-minded people in the travel community.  Below are just a few of the people that have inspired us and provided great advice to help us travel.  Whatever your travel style, the blogs listed below are worth your time.



These travel photographers are some of the best-of-the-best professionals.  They capture moments, places and scenes in ways that transforms photos to works of art.  Visit their sites to get ideas for your own photos and admire but beware, you may find hours flying by.

Canvas of Light presents the world how we all want to see it: rich colors, sharp focus and perfect contrast.  His site presents a beautiful journey through the lens.

FOGG Odyssey is the world through a professional lens.  While the others on this list are more photographers and less traveler, Fogg Odyssey mixes the fun of travel with photography.

Ken Kaminesky is an accomplished professional who has achieved what all who take a photo dream of: a National Geographic cover photo.

Mason Cummings Photography will leave you saying “wow” at the natural world.  His eye for the stunning, surreal, landscapes of the world is like no other.

R Tyler Gross shares his unique eye for the world making me scratch my head as to how his photos, taken from the same place we were, look so much better.  As a friend luckily we get to ask him…

The Unframed World offers a photographic adventure of the world with the requisite pretty pictures, but also insights on photo skills and techniques.

Ralph Velasco not only shares gorgeous photos, but also how you too can develop your photography skills.  His site allows you to travel and learn with him.



Backpacker Bantar provides a surfer’s perspective to traveling the world.  Sharing his tales of surf destinations, travel costs and beautiful photos, it’s a fun site to explore.

Bacon is Magic states the obvious: bacon makes anything and everything better.  Follow our bacon-loving nomad, Ayngelina as she shows us the foods that we should be eating more of…like bacon!

Be My Travel Muse highlights the adventures of an investment banker turned full-time traveler.  Her refreshing take on abandoning a high-quality life for one out of a backpack is one we relate to all too well.

Being in Awe shares our love of traveling China but took it a step further, they’re actually living there.  Their blog shares many of the highlights of traveling in China and why it’s a must visit country.

Captain and Clark set out to travel the world to hand deliver 22 letters the picked up at Post Office Bay in the Galapagos (read story here).  What started as a great idea became a great travel blog.

A Couple Travelers is the best blog for people interested in making money by travel blogging.  They share honest, transparent, reviews of how much they make and how.

Getting Stamped is a couple from our arch-nemesis state of Wisconsin, but we like them anyways.  Setting off in 2013 on their trip-of-a-lifetime they’ll be sharing their adventures one beach at a time.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying are our friends who are cycling from Morocco to Singapore…that’s 12,000 miles for those counting back home.  Basically they are the craziest, most amazing people we know.

Traveled Earth is one of the most interesting travel blogs to read.  Many set off on such trips to become new people, from discovering healthy eating to buying a house in Bulgaria, traveling has certainly changed their lives.

Travelbllgr are a kiwi and a pom with a passion for budget travel.  They spend every minute exploring new places and sharing adventures, travel tips and inspiration.

Trevor Morrow Travel is one of those blogs whose design just makes you want to explore.  Featuring beautiful photos it’s fun to lose time on the site.

20 Years Hence belongs to an adventurous couple that is currently exploring a lot of the countries we have providing a new perspective on many places.  It’s great to compare how different the experience in the same places can be.

Two Oregonians is an eye-candy blog with beautiful photos and design that is a joy to follow.

Two Travelaholics share our sentiments about long term travel, rather than live in regret, travel while you’re young.  They’re off ton a trip through Europe, Africa, India, South East Asia, Australia and finally South America.

So Many Places has taken on the challenges of travel in exciting ways such as touring India in a rickshaw.  Written by Kim, one half of a couple flanked on the other side by the Wandering Sasquatch, it is one of the best written travel blogs out there.




Everything Everywhere

Gary Arndt started traveling in 2007 and hasn’t stopped since, reading his blog you can’t help but think “this guy gets it”.  He knows why you travel and the information you’re looking for, he also tackles some tough travel issues with excellent insights.  Gary is more than knowledgeable about travel and is a fantastic all around resource for everything travel.

Legal Nomads

Jodi is a former lawyer traveling and eating her way around the world to prove that even attorneys can have fun.  Since taking off in 2008 she hasn’t looked back, transitioning from corporate life to a nomadic lifestyle. Her travel insights and great travel tales make her website both informative and entertaining.

Nomadic Matt

Matt is a 30-something traveler that has been traveling since 2005.  He is out to prove that if he can travel the world you can too.  The content on his blog is informative and comprehensive, featuring country guides that give you an idea of how to budget for each country and what to do while you are there.  A great place to visit for  inspiration regardless of how long you want to travel.

Uncornered Market

Americans that recently returned from Iran, Dan and Audrey have been traveling since 2006 and are still married, which is a feat in itself.  They have an extraordinary website packed with travel tips, beautiful photos and wonderful stories.  They have a way of really diving in deep to each place they land, connecting with local people and proving the world is not as scary as it seems on the 5 o’clock news.

Wandering Earl

Earl has been traveling for over 12 years with no end in sight.  He funds his travel addiction through a combination of odd jobs and is happy to tell you how you can do the same.  His fun and approachable writing style make his blog a really fun read.

Wild Junket

Nellie’s travel resume is impressive with several years of guide book writing and globe trotting under her belt she is a great resource on anything relating to travel.  Her excellent photography and detailed blog posts are definitely worth checking out.


As much as we wish we could list all the travel blogs, we haven’t found them all…yet.  If you are a new, seasoned, old or young travel blogger let us know and we’ll add a link to your site.

Bacon is Magic

Backpacker Savings Blog

Bohemian Trails

Further Bound

Go, See, Write

Jack And Jill Travel The World

The Lost Backpack

The Monsoon Diaries

Ordinary Traveler

No Place To Be

Pause The Moment

SuitQais Diaries

Velvet Escape


The World of Deej

World Travel Adventures – Unhook Now

1000 Fights-A couple’s travel adventure


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