He Said/She Said: Missing From Home

He Said/She Said: Missing From Home

As we approach our first full year on the road, all of which we have spent in Asia it’s hard not to miss home…just a little.  Here are a few things that we wish would make it over to Asia from America, whether it’s an attitude or a food there are some things you just can’t find here.


The responses to “we’ve been traveling about a year” are pretty standard, no matter where a person comes from.  Americans almost always say, “I can’t imagine being away from home that long,” as it just isn’t culturally accepted to do what we’re doing.  Europeans ask, “How do you pay for it?” genuinely wanting to know so they can do it as well.  Younger people question, “but you’re working in Australia, right?”  The more interesting people wonder, “What do you wish you could have from home?”  For a while this was hard to answer, now it’s not a challenge, here are a few things.

I miss my own space.  I miss having a place to call home, my bed, my bathroom, my desk. I miss sitting in the chairs that I know the perfect place to sit for maximum comfort. I miss the all-you-can eat fridge filled with my favorites.  I miss being able to close the door and have a little place in the world that is mine.  When you are on the road, constantly finding a new place to sleep, you realize how much you take home for granted.  Whenever our “new” live begin, it will be a fresh start as we gave up our apartment and sold our furniture to take this trip.

I wish I could hang out with my friends.  Specifically I wish I could go to happy hour with my buddies.  Since college, I lived in an area that was surrounded by bars with incredible happy hour specials.  I was a regular, I knew the bartenders, I knew the menus, at two bars I could walk in and the patrons and staff alike would know me by name.  I enjoyed going out with my friends, finding out about their lives, and consuming cheap food and discounted beer.  I especially miss Lyndale Taphouse, Saffron and il gato.  More than the places, I miss the people.  I miss the friends, the weekly poker game (with people I met at the bars nonetheless).  I managed to get a poker game together in Cambodia where I walked away with 90% of the table’s money, but it still wasn’t the same.  I miss being at a table and realizing I’m the shark and not the sucker….wait a minute, was I the sucker at my friend Mike’s game?  OK, so it may not always be great to be around friends, but it’s better with them than without.

I am sure the wife is going to go off about food.  Of course I miss food.  I miss salad.  That was a Freudian slip; I can’t believe that is the first thing that I wrote.  I do though, I miss fresh food such as salad.  Asia is a massive wok, everything is fried, covered in unnatural ingredients and probable carcinogens.  Anybody who thinks they eat healthier in Asia has not looked into this sausage factory.  I would love a salad, there are only two things I want you to mail to me first: a massive Chipotle burrito and a Cuban from Lyndale Taphouse.  Yum, actually there is a lot of great places I miss, places I just want to be transported for a day: Mac’s Industrial Bar, Punch Pizza, Whole Foods, Patisserie 45 and Bar La Grassa…please visit and bring food from these places!

As much as I miss things from home and admittedly this post makes me a little homesick, I can’t imagine not taking this trip.  We have been places I never expected to go, learned things I would have not learned otherwise, and had an amazing adventure.  The homesickness is worth it to do what we’ve done.


As soon as the conversation drifts to things we miss about home at the hostel, I can’t control myself from blurting out CHEESE!  Most things I miss from home revolve around food.  Of course it goes without saying that I miss my family and friends, but if you decide to come visit me could you please bring cheese?  Thanks… Other than cheese there are a few simple conveniences I miss about home.

As I said the things I miss most from home revolve around food and being able to cook it myself.  I love to cook!  I made fresh pasta at least once a week in my “previous life” and loved to entertain family and friends.  Not that my kitchen was anything amazing, but I miss it so much.  Having a refrigerator and oven would revolutionize life on the road.  I could cook all the things I miss so much: popcorn (not microwave, good stuff made on the stove), fresh pasta with homemade tomato sauce, lasagna, tacos and nachos, oh the list could go on and on.

After food the thing I miss most about home are the simple conveniences such as being able to read and communicate in my native language.  Being able to read a bus schedule or ask directions would drastically improve my life on the road.  The other thing that’s amazing about America is that things run on normal schedules, I am never going to be forced to take a bus leaving at 3:00 am or that arrives at 2:00 am because that would be ridiculous rather than routine.  However, schedules like that are commonplace in Asia.

As I alluded to, what I miss more than even food and the conveniences of my own kitchen are the people that I loved sharing those things with.  I miss the company of good friends and the laughter we shared along with the support they offered.  Among my best friends are my family and I miss dropping in at my parents place and enjoying a meal along with their company.

Finally, I miss my bed and shower.  My bed was comfortable and my shower was hot, both amazing features that have been missing in my life for a while.  Having a private bathroom would be so luxurious, you have no idea.  It would be so exciting to be able to take a shower and then simply towel off and walk to my room to dress, rather than hop around on a slippery, wet floor trying to get dressed in the one inch between the door and the toilet.  While I miss all of these “simple pleasures” from home, I can’t imagine giving up the sense of adventure that life on the road brings.  Sorry to say, I won’t be coming home anytime in the near future, but I would still ask that if you visit me, you bring cheese.

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» Mom A :
Nov 23, 2011

Sweetie, by the time we get to you, you’ll be able to buy cheese on the road – a break between Asian and India! IT really won’t be too long now!

LOCAVORista Reply:

Mom, I guess if you brought cheese it probably wouldn’t be good by the time you travel to us anyway…

» Shruti :
Nov 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! I can totally understand missing things. We are lucky enough to have a house, fridge, etc., but we still miss the strangest things–like being able to understand things, both on a literal level (what does that sign mean?) and a subtle level (do all people stare like that? Am I doing something wrong?). And I miss Mexican food. =)

LOCAVORista Reply:

Shruti, I miss mexican food so much! I can get deliciously spicy food in Asia, but no cheese and no crunchy tacos or nachos. Hope you are loving Germany, it would be so fun to visit- I can actually speak the language there so maybe I could help with signs, etc. Ha ha, German is not very helpful in Asia though…

» Samir :
Nov 24, 2011

Any particular type of cheese? I also enjoy good cheese so if and when I do visit, I will be sure to bring what I can!!!!

» Shruti :
Nov 28, 2011

You really oughtta use those German skills during this trip…and you have a free place to crash in Dresden! I will bribe you by telling you I have one can of enchilada sauce and the American store here sells cheddar cheese (the one cheese we can’t get in the regular grocery). Viel Gluck und Gute Fahrt!

LOCAVORista Reply:

Shruti, you don’t know how enticing enchilada sauce and access to cheddar cheese is. We would love to visit, we’ll have to see where 2012 takes us!

» Bka :
Nov 28, 2011

Thanksgiving was not the same without you!……skyping was a good, ok, great backup!…..everyone was happy to see you and understood the special effort you made to make it work…..YOUR special…..had our 5th airline change today…….ugh!…..love you da

LOCAVORista Reply:

Dad, we missed being with everyone for Thanksgiving as well and would love some turkey leftovers right about now. I am so pleased by our skype luck, as you know we have had spotty internet for the last few weeks, it was great to have it work to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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thinkCHUA: Photographing and documenting the world on a 3 year round-the-world trip to help future travelers discover new places, travel longer and enjoy the world's great experiences.

About the Author
thinkCHUA: Photographing and documenting the world on a 3 year round-the-world trip to help future travelers discover new places, travel longer and enjoy the world's great experiences.


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