Things I Will Miss Most About Home

Things I Will Miss Most About Home

I have been calling the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota home for over 28 years.  Even though I grew up in the suburbs, I have always been more of a city girl.  Of course I am going to miss family, friends and all the comforts and familiarity of home, but this article focuses on the all the things that make the Twin Cities such a great place to live.  The mix of arts, outdoor opportunities and food in the twin cities are amazing and will definitely be missed, the snow not so much.  Below is just the short list, so if you’re in town check them out.


Walker Art Center: we have been Walker members for many years and as their mission states, they are a catalyst for the creative expression of artists and the active engagement of audiences.  Every time I go there I am actively engaged in their exhibitions, I will especially miss the annual British Ad Awards, which became a family Christmas tradition.  I will also miss the Walker After Hours preview parties.

Guthrie: the Guthrie has become an iconic Twin Cities establishment and it is amazing just for the architecture, but we have enjoyed many shows there.

Minnesota Orchestra: I know you may be thinking this is just for old people, but they are a very talented orchestra and well worth your time.  Both Matt and I served on the Crescendo Project board for young patrons and enjoyed attending several concerts, especially Ben Folds performing with the Orchestra.  If you ever get a chance to see the orchestra perform the score of a movie while it plays in the background you are in for a treat.

Uptown Art Fair: This is an event that we never miss, partly because we lived where it affected our parking for 3 years.  An awesome array of talented artists and where we found our travelling rings.

Outdoor Opportunities

Greenway: with 117 miles of trails in the Twin Cities we could go to Stillwater for lunch on our bikes from downtown Minneapolis- really awesome.  Also, incredible for the 20 mile runs we did in preparation for the Twin Cities Marathon.

Lakes: Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes and living just four blocks from Lake Calhoun is definitely something I’m going to miss.  I will also miss my lake walks with girlfriends.

Winter: I can’t really believe I am putting this on a list of things I am going to miss, but Winter is what makes Minnesota what it is and if you ask any Minnesotan it is a pride point to survive it every year.  We also are unique in celebrating our extreme winterness with festivals such as the Art Shanty project, City of Lakes Loppet and the Winter Carnival, which are all musts if you dare travel to Minnesota in the Winter.


Brauchers Sunshine Farm CSA: we were very lucky to get all of our fresh, organic, free-range meat from this fantastic farm.  Nothing like eating local!  I think I will miss the farm fresh eggs the most.

Burning River Farm CSA: all of our produce for roughly five months of the year came from Burning River and I am really going to miss those sugar snap peas this year.

Restaurants: The Twin Cities has an incredible food scene with several James Beard award winning chefs.  I tried to narrow down my favorite restaurants to just five, but I couldn’t, so here are seven must eat-at restaurants: Bar LaGrassa, 112 Eatery, Heartland, Corner Table, Saffron, Brasa, Alma.

Mill City Farmers Market: this market was founded by Brenda Langton of spoonriver and it reflects the same care as the menu at her fantastic restaurant adjacent to the market.  You can find both Brauchers and Burning River here, definitely check it out.

Surly Beer: Surly beer is delicious and unique to Minnesota, in fact it’s not available anywhere else.

And that’s just the short list of what I’m going to miss…

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» Scott Melcher :
Dec 24, 2010

I do agree that cold and white versions of winter are splendidly beautiful both aesthetically and in the way it shapes the culture of the Northerners (being hemisphere specific). With that said, I expect you’ll find an adequate backfill for the Art Shanty project while on the road. :)

Merry Christmas Eve

» Terry Anderson :
Dec 31, 2010

Oh my! You didn’t mention chocolate! I am so sorry you and I didn’t sit down on Christmas night and eat some of that wonderful chocolate Dad gave me! Rogue’s newest Piura is incredibly good! I just opened it tonight as I was thinking of you. They should advertise on your sight. But “Piura is the smallest micro-lot ever made into a (chocolate) bar,” says the Rogue Choclatier So advertising would be senseless because everyone who already loves Rogue Chocolate is going to have this snapped up. I am lucky to have gotten a bar for Christmas.

So here is an ad for them, because it really is remarkable. Tucked inside the bar, it says:
“For a year we have been working to bring in this very special cacao from an isolated population of tress in Northern Peru. We have finally managed to bring in a “nano-lot” of only four bags of cacao from Juan Tirado’s 7.5 acre organic cacao farm in Morropon Province n Piura, Peru. (Now you know where to go after Asia!) This is the smallest micro-lot ever made into a bar. All four bars of this storied “white-bean” cacao come from a single fermentation and drying cycle, giving us the rare opportunity to create a chocolate that will give new meaning to the term ‘single origin.’ More importantly, Juan’s farm produces the finest cacao that we have tasted. This is a result of genetics, but also of excellent post-harvest handling, leading to a distinct floral aroma with an extremely mild and buttery flavor of nuts, cacao, and raspberries.” Bag # 004, Batch # 002, Date: 12/16/2010

I sincerely hope you come across edible chocolate on your trip and that the chocolate from Shanghai I sent with you on the plane was an acceptable offering. I love chocolate! I love you more!!


P.S. Isn’t Matt going to miss Anything?

LOCAVORista Reply:

Mom, we’ll accept your Rogue ad and keep you updated on great chocolate and other sweets as we find them. I have an article about Vietnamese donuts coming soon and we had some delicious sweet sticky rice tonight that we ate so fast I didn’t even take a picture.

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About the Author
LOCAVORista: A curious adventurer exploring the culinary delights and local traditions around the world. Currently on a 3 year round-the-world trip discovering amazing cultures, must-eats and off-the-beaten-track destinations.


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