Homes of Hobart

Homes of Hobart

After 13 months on the road it’s not surprising that I was craving some creature comforts and looking for a home away from home.  However, I found the first place that struck me as a great place to call home surprising.  Tasmania caught my attention from the moment we got into Hobart and continued to wow me 1300 kilometers through the island.  The Victorian style architecture, sweeping views of the harbor and wonderful bakeries are just three reasons why I could call the Tassie capital of Hobart home.

My favorite neighborhood in Hobart is Battery Point, which features original Georgian and Victorian architecture.  The National Trust classifies more than 60 buildings in this historic precinct.  Originally the seamen’s quarters of the city, Battery Point’s buildings are constructed of the area’s golden sandstone lending a warm glow to the whole development.

The beautiful blooms surrounding the Arthur Circus area just lends more charm to one of my favorite areas of Hobart.

The Arthur Circus village within Battery Point was a particular favorite; the one and two-bedroom quaint cottages surrounding the park are meticulously well kept.  They stand as a reminder of times past and each home has their beautiful garden on display.  It was hard to resist taking a picture of each home around Arthur Circus Park.

A welcoming doorway in the Battery Point neighborhood

Old wooden doors found in the Battery Point neighborhood

As we continued our explorations of Battery Point the front doors and flowering plants continued to impress me.  Many of the houses have now been converted to guesthouses and Bed & Breakfasts providing a historic place to rest your head.  The entire place just oozes charm and each doorway serves as an invite to continue to enjoy Battery Point and Hobart.

A stately home in Hobart

The above residence is a prime example of Battery Point’s pristine mansions and beautiful brickwork.  Surrounding this house are winding streets that are perfect for wandering and between many of the buildings you can catch a glimpse of the harbor. The residences that break up your sea view will astound you as the preservation of Australian’s second oldest city, founded in 1804, is excellent.

The colorful details of each home is more impressive than the last

The gorgeous flowers in each yard and peeking out through the fence slats just made me want to move to Hobart all the more.

Above you can see the colorful details and ornate ironwork that provides so much character to the homes throughout Hobart.  Many of the houses like the one above almost look like they are out of the pages of a fairytale with their picket fences and huge flowers.  It is the details that make Hobart so endearing, as you can see in the second picture with the vibrant yellow flowers peaking out of the fence.

A more modern take on the Hobart home

Moving out of the central business district and up Liverpool Street to Liverpool Crescent the homes become decidedly more modern with features such as solar panels and flat pack construction.  The two homes below offer a different view of Hobart as a developing city with progressive environmentally friendly homes.

Love the exterior of this home.

This home caught our eye with the contrasting yellow door

Overall Hobart was a place I could easily call home and being on the beautiful island of Tassie is just a bonus.  The only thing I would struggle with is where to live and what kind of house to set up residence in.  I might have to visit Hobart again to determine the best living situation for me.

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» jo silverman :
Feb 4, 2012

While I might be a big young for a bucket list (I hope), I will include Tasmania, and especially Hobart, as part of my next SoPac trip. The place looks wonderful. Keep on truckin’ my friends; I envy you.

thinkCHUA Reply:

You’re never too young for a bucket list, after all we never know when we’ll kick the bucket. Definitely make time for Tasmania, it’s beautiful and Hobart is a special place.

» Tom McDowell :
Feb 20, 2012

Sorry I haven’t checked in for months. Glad you loved Hobart. I think Judy and I mentioned that its at the top of our list of places to return to …and stay for awhile. Hope we can make that happen once were through with college payments. Loved your photos.
Be well.

Tom McDowell

LOCAVORista Reply:

Tom, thanks for checking in. We absolutely fell in love with Tasmania and like you can’t wait to go back. Hobart was a fun little city and we really enjoyed the Bay of Fires, Freycinet National Park and Cradle Mountain among other beautiful scenic spots. Hope all is well back in Minnesota, we’ll keep sharing pictures from Tassie!

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About the Author
LOCAVORista: A curious adventurer exploring the culinary delights and local traditions around the world. Currently on a 3 year round-the-world trip discovering amazing cultures, must-eats and off-the-beaten-track destinations.


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