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“How much did your trip cost?”

After “what was your favorite place?” we’re most often asked how much it costs to travel the world.  We wanted to know this as well, how much does it cost to travel the world?  When do you have enough to set out?  The answer for each person is different, but we wanted to know what it cost us so we wrote down each and every thing we bought for the entire trip to be able to answer it for ourselves and others.  While we didn’t budget, nor do I believe you should adhere to a strict budget for reasons I outline here, we traveled cheaply, making sure to save money when possible by negotiating or taking public transport, while spending lavishly on things like tours to North Korea, Tibet and Antarctica.

So, what was the damage?

In 938 days of continuous travel we spent $86,481.19 USD.

We “earned” –$2,577.56 from LivingIF.  We did zero work or even work-for-trade along the way.

Want to know more about our overall cost breakdown?  Check out this article for a summary of our top costs and country-by-country breakdowns.  Deciding between traveling South South American and Southeast Asia?  Here’s our cost and experience comparison of South American and Southeast Asia.  We’ve answered for you if India is actually cheap in this one.  What does a year in Asia cost?  Here’s what we spent in Asian countries as varied as China, Myanmar, Thailand, the Philippines, Japan, and more.  We even figured out the costs if you have Australia, New Zealand, South Asia or the Middle East on your mind.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us, otherwise we’ll bump into you along the trip of life.


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