Welcome to the all-important “how we did it” section about how we made our trip happen.  Our preparation and planning was quick and simple: we planned to plan our trip as we went.  This left us with a literal world of options, which allows us to stay in places we love, flee from those we loathe, and travel with people we meet along the way.  We weren’t forced into an arbitrary schedule.  We can take breaks whenever we need to avoid burnout.  We left our lives behind with only a one-way ticket to Vietnam and clothes for all weather conditions…

Leaving our options open was a result of years of building our lives around flexibility.  We never succumbed to buying a house, having children or excess consumption.  We saved every dollar I made for no specific reason, we didn’t plan to take a trip around the world, rather we had built lives around living off only LOCAVORista’s income because we wanted to have savings.  We had traveled extensively before, to over 30 countries, which had given us a lifelong travel bug.  One day at a Starbucks in Singapore we discussed the idea of  this trip, 9 months later we boarded a plane for our first and only certain destination.

We left with a general outline: countries to visit, sights to see and seasons to avoid certain regions.   We believe this is the best way to take a trip like this as it affords you the physical and psychological space to explore, learn and grow.  Most people don’t have a real need to return by a certain date and forcing a schedule around a trip like this removes some of the benefits: being able to find things you like and spend time doing it.  Our is about learning and growing as people and a couple, we have allowed us the time to pursue opportunities as we find them.

Whether your trip is open-ended or planned day-by-day; take some time to see how we prepared for our 2-3 year trip.

  1. Saving Money: How we did it and how you can too!
  2. Worldly Possessions: What to sell and keep while you travel
  3. Cost and Budgeting: How much will do you need to save?
  4. Logistics: Health, insurance and the nitty gritty
  5. Packing Tips: What and why to pack it


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