Review: Kozata 110

Review: Kozata 110

Put whatever stickers you want on it; this ain't no Honda.

The Kozata 110cc isn’t the motorcycle for me.  In fact, it isn’t a motorcycle at all, with 8 horsepower it has half the power of my dad’s John Deere lawn mower.  Off the line it pulls 6.23lb/ft of torque compared to my previous motorcycle’s 120lb/ft.  Gearhead readers know what I’m talking about, this is something that a 14 year old wants, not knowing they can ride a bike faster.  The funniest part was that the speedometer went to 160km/hr (100mph).  Realistically it cuts out around 50km/hr.

In Vietnam, Chinese-made “motorcycles” (think moped), cost around $200 USD.  The classy mode of transport is a Honda which costs $1000 USD.  There is a saying here that “no Honda, no girlfriend” and I thought this was just a joke.  Having ridden all makes of Japanese bikes from mopeds to my 1800cc V-Twin, I was excited to test some Chinese metal.

While eating breakfast we were offered a motorcycle rental.  I asked, “how much?” to which they responded, “you want automatic?”  Knowing the manual would give me a better test, I chose the manual, as  the clutch, gearbox, and power delivery would make it easier to test the engineering.  With a helmet on and keys in hand the owner instructed me to take a test drive.  With my hands on the grips I looked to my left, there was no clutch, so I pointed to the right and asked, “clutch?”.  Quickly the owner said, “no, little brake.”  Wow, very advanced I thought, clutch-less manual á la F1.  If it’s good enough for Michael Schumacher, it’s good enough for me.  I took it for a test drive, starting out in second gear and couldn’t get it into third.  LOCAVORista later told me the owner was screaming “change gear”.  Yeah, I could hear that I needed to change gear, but kicking the shifter it was a no-go.

Whatever, I figured I would get the hang of it, but after almost 70km on the Kozata I realized it changes gear when it is willing.  The rest of the time you ride in the gear you have it.  Though it may be sold as clutch-less to be advanced, but it screams, “give me a clutch please”.

Gears that you need to kick like a mule to find.  Struggling uphill.  No mirrors.  This was the shit, as in it’s a piece of shit.  $200 for a moped, you get what you pay for.  This is a Consumer Reports, “do not buy”, two thumbs down.  Putting Honda stickers on it doesn’t make it a Honda.

The Kozata 110, 110cc of unbridled power, if you can get it into the next gear...

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» dad :
Jan 8, 2011

good stuff……..never had enough courage and or stupidity to rent one of these over seas…no mention of insurance…… most impressed you handled this task….are you reading my daily requests to be safe?……peace……bka

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About the Author
thinkCHUA: Photographing and documenting the world on a 3 year round-the-world trip to help future travelers discover new places, travel longer and enjoy the world's great experiences.


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