The Three Waterfall Regimen™

The Three Waterfall Regimen™

The South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet or the new, trendy and ever popular P 90 X has nothing on the Three Waterfall Regimen™.  Those other diets and programs leave you uninspired lifting weights in your living room.  The Three Waterfall Regimen™ takes you up and down, but mostly up, hills in Northern Thailand in the heat of the day.  This unique combination of uphill training works your quadricep muscles and calf muscles almost until exhaustion while helping you shed pounds through detoxifying sweat.

This may sound like a grueling workout, however the reward for your hard work is a rejuvenating dip in a cool, clear jungle waterfall.  Once you have cooled off and feel refreshed you begin your arduous uphill climb once again, this is the foundation of the Three Waterfall Regimen™.  You will visit at least three waterfalls each day during your training in the picturesque Doi Inthanon National Park and you will not hike more than two hours before a waterfall stop, guaranteed or your money back.  This unique, trademarked combination of strenuous hiking and cold swimming packs a powerful exercise punch.

It may sound like an infomercial for a too-good-to-be-true exercise program, but there are no joining fees or monthly membership dues, just a one-time payment of $60 per person for a three day training course leaving from Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Once you have the basics down you can apply the Three Waterfall Regimen™ anywhere in the world to stay in the best shape of your life.  Don’t let this opportunity slip away, book your flight to Chiang Mai and a three day trek today.

LOCAVORista and thinkCHUA in front of their first waterfall on day one of their Three Waterfall Regimen™ trek in Doi Inthanon National Park

Don’t worry I’m not really trying to sell you on a fad exercise program.  However, after three days in the jungle hiking uphill, always between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to maximize our time on trail while the sun is the hottest with cold mountain waterfalls as our only relief it reminded me of the empty promises of many of the weight loss programs out there.  I can promise you if you were to hike uphill in the heat of the day you would lose weight, especially with the diet we were on during the trek.  The lack of protein made our powerbar stash a necessity.  The cool waterfalls were a much welcome break and kept a carrot dangling just in front of us during our uphill slogs.

Now don’t get me wrong, I may sound negative, but we really enjoyed our trek and would recommend it to others the views were beautiful in the national park and we didn’t see another trekker during the entire three days.  We made it to the roof of Thailand, took an elephant trek, went bamboo rafting and did lots of hiking with frequent stops at pristine waterfalls to regulate our temperature.  Our group consisted of only six people, which was fantastic especially  as we got along famously with our Scandinavian hiking companions.  We also got the opportunity to stay in small mountain villages with our guide and his family, which was definitely a highlight for me.

One of the many waterfalls we visited during our trek in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Doi Inthanon National Park where we spent the majority of our time covers an area of 48,240 hectare. Its lowlands below 800 meters in elevation are warm and very dry during the rain-free season (Dec.-Feb.), but the summit of Doi Inthanon, at 2,565 meters, has a climate more like Minnesota than Thailand. The temperature has been known to drop as low as 18 degrees F and frosts are not unusual during the cool, dry season.  We were glad that we had packed for the cool temperatures as there was no protection from the wind in the small huts we slept in at the villages.

Each village we stayed in provided a warm welcome and plenty of playmates.  As soon as we got into the village each night, curious kids would wander into camp or stare at us as we explored their home.  We played several games of soccer, thinkCHUA took on a few kids in badminton and I was also the center of attention in a rousing game of tag.  Of course we were also offered many handmade items to purchase and I couldn’t resist a colorful bracelet from one of the little girls.  The small villages were the perfect resting spots each night after our hikes and the hospitality was much appreciated.  While we didn’t lose too much weight during our three day trek I would definitely recommend taking a break from the city and getting out to explore the surrounding forests of Chiang Mai.

One of the women in the village selling her hand woven bags


1. shop around for your trek, there are several trekking companies in Chiang Mai, so take a little while and look at your options to make sure you get what you want and don’t be afraid to bargain on the price.

2.Bring warm clothes, as I mentioned it gets cold at night and there aren’t many blankets to keep you warm while you sleep.  You may even want to bring a sleep slack to cuddle up in.

3. bring good hiking shoes, you will be doing lots of uphill hiking on rocky ground, so while your guide will most likely wear flip flops you will want a little more support than that.

4. bring snacks, you will probably want to supplement the providing trekking food with a few snacks and/or powerbars to make sure you are well fueled for all the hiking.

5. be ready to play, you may be tired from your hike, but take time to play with the kids in the village.  They look forward to your arrival and enjoy playing games, I would not encourage you to bring gifts for the kids, but bringing a small ball with you is a great item to leave and a lot of fun to get everyone together for a game of soccer.

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» Andrew Johnson :
Feb 26, 2011


I’ll be climbing the hills of plowed snow on my way to Chiang Mai Thai tonight where I can refresh from the grueling workout with a cool waterfall of drinking water all over my face. It’s four degrees here, but who’s counting?

BTW, nice tip on bringing a ball for the village kids. It’s a fantastic idea.

LOCAVORista Reply:

Andrew, enjoy Chiang Mai Thai and say “hi” to all the Minneapolisites. The ball in a village is like bringing a celebrity with you, the kids go nuts. What really knocked their socks off, but I didn’t want to put it as a suggestion, was the fireworks show we put on for them. A few cheap fireworks at the local market go a long way. Hope all is well back home, stay warm!

» Mom A :
Feb 27, 2011

You really have gotten away from it all, we are Minneapolitans! Now, after being in several of Thailand’s capitols, can remember the capitol of Minnesota? Sitting in those gorgeous waterfalls can wash away a lot, and why not? Great picture! And you are warmer than we are. Forget Minnesota’s capitol!

LOCAVORista Reply:

Mom, somehow all this warm weather makes it easy to forget the frigid North of Minneapolis. But I still miss everyone back home, don’t worry I won’t forget my friends and families names.

» francoise :
Jan 5, 2012

I loved your post about the 3 waterfalls regime. Would you be kind enough to jot down the name of the tour operator you did this adventure with.
We’d be very appreciative as we arrive in Chiang Mai on mid Jan for stay for 1-2 mths.
We like you are on a multi-year adventure, just about to start our 2nd year.
Happy New Year and happy adventures. kind regards, Francoise &David ex. Australia/Canada

LOCAVORista Reply:

Francoise, I apologize for the slow reply I have been trying to track down the name of the company we went through. I could not find the name, however the thing we enjoyed most about our tour was the trip to Doi Inthanon National Park and not all companies offer that, so look for that in your trip. Enjoy your continued travels and have a great time in Chiang Mai. A very happy new year to you two and keep in touch, would love to hear about your trekking in Northern Thailand!

» biebie23 :
Feb 20, 2012

very beautiful place. Thk for yr information.

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Oct 15, 2014

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About the Author
LOCAVORista: A curious adventurer exploring the culinary delights and local traditions around the world. Currently on a 3 year round-the-world trip discovering amazing cultures, must-eats and off-the-beaten-track destinations.


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