Fine wines, steak you can cut with a spoon, real-life cowboys, and mystical Patagonia…what more can one country offer?  Seriously, for meat-eating, wine drinking, outdoor-loving people Argentina is a place of dreams.  Leave your vegetarian and $100 haircut friends at home and be prepared to really, truly, consider moving to Argentina…it’s just that great.  Consisting mainly of immigrants from Europe, the country is at it’s finest in Buenos Aires where visitors will notice that the best flavors and architecture from the old world have perfectly fused with the new.  A trip to Argentina will leave you considering one question: how can I move here?


DON’T MISS: Buenos Aires and Fitz Roy
MUST SEE: Iguazu Falls.  More than just a waterfall the Argentine park service has built a park worthy of exploration with an astonishing array of boardwalks that bring you directly above the “devil’s nose” or up next to the falls to experience the power of Mother Nature.
MUST TASTE: “Tenedor Libre” asados, literally translated to “free fork barbecues” these establishments feed the little devil on your shoulder that says, “hold the vegetables and go for the meat!”  For about $20 you can eat all the steak, pork, lamb and sausage you can hold.  Sure there are sides and salads, but you have the rest of your life to eat healthy…


TRIP PLANNING: Two weeks is enough to hit the highlights if you travel by air (4-5 days in Buenos Aires, 2 days in Iguazu, 3 days each in Barriloche and El Calafate).
GETTING AROUND: Buses are comfortable and convenient, but flying will save you entire days of travel around this massive country.  Flights on Aerolineas and LAN are very expensive, while LADE offers prices competitive with buses, but may require you to book in person quite a few days in advance.


OUR COST PER DAY (2 ppl): $103.79…one of our most expensive countries!
COST OF A BEER: $2.50 per liter at grocery stores.
KEY MONEY-SAVING TIP: BRING U.S. DOLLARS! If you draw money from ATMs you will get 5 Argentine Pesos for each $1 USD.  If you bring $50 and $100 USD notes you can get 7-8 Argentine Pesos for each $1 USD, saving you 40-60% on everything you purchase.  Bring as much as you think you’ll need, probably $500 per person per week and change your dollars on Avenida Florida in Buenos Aires in bulk for the best rate (i.e. change $1000 at a time).  Changing outside Buenos Aires will drastically reduce your exchange rate.  Shop around the street for the best rate.


YOU NEED TO KNOW: Bring enough U.S. dollars for your entire trip with you into the country and change money on Avenida Florida in Buenos Aires when you arrive.  It will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars during your trip to Argentina.
IF WE KNEW WHAT WE KNOW NOW: We would have changed all our money in Buenos Aires.  We changed as we needed it, getting a much lower rate in cities outside the capital.
HELPFUL LINKS TO LEARN MORE: To be added shortly!


OUR HIGHLIGHT: Going to Antarctica from Ushuaia.
WHERE WE WENT: Buenos Aires, Puerto Iguazu, Ushuaia, El Calafate/El Chaltén, trekking Mount Fitzroy, Bariloche, Mendoza
WE REGRET MISSING: Salta and the extreme north.


  • Amarapura and Sagaing
Argentina Highlights

Short on time? The highlight reel of our 4 week trip to Argentina including chocolate, wine, road tripping, hiking and more. Tour Argentina in 20 photos!

Buenos Aires

As many cosmopolitan cities, Buenos Aires has something for everyone, but it also has a soul and beauty beyond what one would expect. If you took the best of Europe\'s cities from Rome to Madrid to London and put them into one place, you\'d have Buenos Aires.

Route 40

As far as roads go, Route 40 is legendary. One of the world\'s longest roads running along the spine of South America, it connects cities and cultures across some of the world\'s most barren and beautiful landscapes. From desert like plains to lush forests and craggy mountains, the road is a bucket list adventure.

Iguazu Falls

The deafening rush of one of the world\'s largest waterfalls is reason enough to visit Iguazu. Not only is the power of the falls evident from the furious roar and wide-reaching spray, the park itself is a gem, allowing visitors to get up close, and even on top of the falls.

Fitz Roy-El Chaltén

Trapping glaciers on one side and massive plains on another, the hikes in the park are among the world\'s best short (1-3 day) hikes. The peaks have been made world-famous as the basis for Patagonia clothing company\'s logo.


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