Brazil requires no introduction.  One of the biggest countries on earth by almost every measure it offers the diversity and depth that only a large country could.  Like it’s massive counterparts though, each visit will just uncover how much more you have to see.  While the extreme south, including Rio de Jainero and Sao Paulo, get most of the publicity, it’s thousands of miles from the picturesque beaches of the Travel Channel or Amazon of Discovery.  No matter where you choose to start, Brazil will not disappoint in any way, from food to culture to fun, Brazil has something for everyone.


DON’T MISS: Ouro Preto, an old mining town revived by young University students that combines the beautiful scenery of Brazil’s hilly jungle with Portuguese colonial architecture.
MUST SEE: Inhotim, the world’s largest private sculpture park set inside of one of the most beautiful botanical gardens.  Superlatives do not do justice to the art or park itself, home to great examples of contemporary installation art with beautiful landscaping.
MUST TASTE: Per-kilo lunch.  Pick what you want, you’ll pay by the weight of your plate, but beware: your eye is bigger than your stomach when it comes to the delicious steak and sushi on offer.


TRIP PLANNING: The world’s fifth largest country by land and population, Brazil is massive.  Start with the metropolises of Sao Paulo and Rio de Jainero, planning enough time for the beaches in-between.  Two weeks should suffice to get bitten by the Brazil travel bug, which will have you coming back for more.
GETTING AROUND: Buses are great, but expensive.  Try Brazil’s discount airlines, Gol and Azul, to turn a 20 hour bus ride into an hour flight for the same price.


OUR COST PER DAY (2 ppl): $63.82
COST OF A BEER: $3 for liter bottles at markets/grocery stores.


YOU NEED TO KNOW: Brazil is safer than our imaginations would have us believe.  As with cities anywhere in the world though, crime does happen, but it’s no worse in Brazil than many other countries.  Be careful, but don’t let fear steal your opportunity to enjoy time exploring Brazil.
IF WE KNEW WHAT WE KNOW NOW: We would have booked accommodation ahead.  During the busy summer months around Carnival budget accommodations fill nightly, make sure you make reservations at least a few days ahead.


OUR HIGHLIGHT: CARNIVAL IN RIO! Not only is it a must-do in life, it’s a must do more than once!
WHERE WE WENT: Florinapolis/Ilha Santa Catalina, Sao Paulo, Ouro Preto, Paraty, Rio de Jainero.
WE REGRET MISSING: The beaches of the North, apparently some of the world’s great beaches.  Due to the distances involved we’ll have to save Salvador and Bahia state for a future visit.


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Brazil Highlights

Short on time? The highlight reel of our 4 week trip to Brazil including Carnaval, the world\'s best sculpture park, beaches and more. Tour Brazil in 21 photos!

Rio de Janeiro during Carnival

Known as a city that likes to party, Rio de Janeiro definitely lives up to its reputation during Carnival, arguably the world\'s largest annual party. What we found was Carnival was much more tame, safe and fun than we ever expected. From street concerts with over a million spectators to the ruckus, all-night, Sambadrome samba show, neither Carnival nor Rio de Janeiro disappointed.

Sao Paulo

One of the world\'s largest cities, Sao Paulo doesn\'t earn the respect afforded to New York, London, Tokyo or Shanghai...but it should. From being more diverse than is commonly known, it has seamlessly blended cultures from the world over. With hip arts districts, gorgeous architecture and some of the world\'s best restaurants, Sao Paulo is a global city with few peers.

Ouro Preto

Ouro Preto, translated \"Black Gold\", was the center of Brazil\'s 1700\'s gold rush. This literal rich period attracted prospectors along with craftsman who left behind an intricately decorated baroque town center. Today it is a hub of tourism for those seeking to appreciate the town that looks like an old European village built upon rolling Brazilian hills.


What would a billionaire who loves contemporary art and botanical gardens do? Many would dream of building a world-leading institution like Inhotim, Bernardo Paz actually did it.


The best beaches of the country that claims to have the best beaches? See for yourself...

Paraty and Trindade

Featuring an old-town seemingly transported directly from Portugal, Paraty\'s relaxing oceanfront is world\'s away from massive Rio de Janeiro just up the road. The neighboring beach town, Trindade, is even sleepier, but may be just what some visitors need after long nights in Rio.

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