Chile offers things that no other country can. While tiny in width, it’s length provides bio-diversity from the world’s dries desert to lush forests to massive mountains. Aside from it’s natural beauty, it offers every visitor something, from shoppers to surfers to sun seekers to alpine hikers. To top it off, being the most stable and safe country in South America, Chile is truly a tourist’s dream.


DON’T MISS: Valparaiso, Pucón and San Pedro de Atacama
MUST SEE: Torres del Paine at sunrise.
MUST TASTE: Hotdog with all the fixings, a “completo”, because it really is the national food of choice. Make sure they put all the fixings on, even if you don’t know what they are. (Watch Anthony Bourdain enjoy one here.)


TRIP PLANNING: Planning a trip to Chile is all about knowing what you like.  Once you know that, just plan your Chilean adventure around that.  Love wine, spend your days touring wineries near Santiago.  Like beaches, head to Iquique and La Serena.  Enjoy hiking, head south to Patagonia.  Whatever you fancy odds are you can find it in Chile.
GETTING AROUND: Buses. Long distance “cama” buses are plush with movies and food service. If you are planning ahead buy tickets on Sky Airline, often flights are not much more than “cama” buses, but will save many hours.


OUR COST PER DAY (2 ppl): $56.28
COST OF A BEER: $2.50 for 1.2 liter beer at local pub.
KEY MONEY-SAVING TIP: Price shop bus tickets, but make sure you know what class you are getting. Main routes are often traveled hourly and choosing a bus an hour earlier or later could save up to 50%.


YOU NEED TO KNOW: Chilean Spanish is, um, different. It is spoken quickly with a lot of “Chilenismos” or Chilean slang. They’ll understand standard Spanish, but you may not understand them.
IF WE KNEW WHAT WE KNOW NOW: We would have flown more. Sky Airline, booked ahead, is probably a better deal than a 30 hour bus ride.
HELPFUL LINKS TO LEARN MORE: Chile official tourism website, Wikivoyage, Rough Guide Chile


WE WERE THERE FOR: 28 days (plus one year previously)
OUR HIGHLIGHT: Torres del Paine full circuit.
WHERE WE WENT: Everywhere. thinkCHUA lived there for a year in college and traveled the length of the country which we did as well.


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Chile Highlights

Short on time? The highlight reel of our 4 week trip to Chile 10 days of hiking, the world\'s driest desert, returning to thinkCHUA\'s stomping ground, and more. Tour Chile in 21 photos!

Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine is one of the world\'s great national parks. Centered around the massive Torres which dramatically rise to over 2,000 meters (6,562 ft) from just above sea level, the park offers spectacular landscapes. From day hikes to the 10-day “circuit” we chose, visitors will not be disappointed.


Valparaiso is a special city. Rising precipitously from the bay, the mosaic of colorful houses clinging to the hills is an unforgettable scene. Prior to the opening of the Panama Canal the city was a thriving port town, a necessary stop en-route from New York to its doppelganger, San Francisco. As the saying goes, that is history, but visitors today won\'t be disappointed by its thriving bohemian art community.


The thriving capital of arguably the most prosperous South American country, Santiago bears little resemblance to the historical capitals of neighboring countries. Enjoy Santiago for being more 21st than 16th century.


Why would anyone want to go to one of the driest places on earth? Because the 400 years without rain created unparalleled, extraterrestrial-like, landscapes. Not only will visitors get to see stunning scenery, the well-developed tourist infrastructure will not disappoint. It is a desert that isn\'t short of things to see and do.


Interested in reading more about Chile?  CLICK HERE



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