If any country has a claim to being the center of the world, it’s Turkey.  From the beginning of “time” it has stood with one foot in Asia and the other in Europe, serving both as a crossroads and capital.  As a center point to three of the world’s greatest empires, Western history often began and ended within its borders.  Visiting today is no less impressive than ever before, blending the old with the new, Asia and Europe, Islam and Christianity, Turkey will amaze at every turn.


DON’T MISS: The Mediterranean and Aegean coasts.  The Mediterranean side offers all the luxuries and pleasures of Europe, while the Aegean becomes progressively more Middle-eastern as you head east.
MUST SEE: Sirince, famously named “ugly” to deter people from coming to the villager’s paradise, it’s beauty is unforgettable.
MUST TASTE: Turkish breakfast, a melange of cheeses, fruits, vegetables and spreads, the array of flavors are sure to delight.


TRIP PLANNING: Planning a trip to Turkey is sadly one of elimination, there is too much to see on one trip, possibly even one lifetime.  Choose what you want to see: ancient history, beautiful coastlines, cruising the islands, cities or villages; or, try to enjoy a sampler platter, but take time to enjoy each destination’s unique culture and cuisine.
GETTING AROUND: The roadway system of Turkey is exceptional and well-signed.  Buses provide comfortable connections between major destinations, but renting a car is the best way to get to more places.  Rent a diesel as unleaded gas costs $9.50/gallon ($2.57/liter).


OUR COST PER DAY (2 ppl): $88.01
COST OF A BEER: $3 per bottle at markets.
KEY MONEY-SAVING TIP: Avoid table-service restaurants and instead eat at the cafes where prepared foods are proudly displayed and waiting for you to point at your selection.  These cafes are 50-75% cheaper than table service restaurants for the same cuisine.


YOU NEED TO KNOW: Turkey is not cheap, you can stay on a budget, but it is more expensive than many of the Eastern European countries.
IF WE KNEW WHAT WE KNOW NOW: We would budget more time, one month isn’t enough to visit this huge and diverse country.


OUR HIGHLIGHT: Food.  Eat and be merry!
WHERE WE WENT: Istanbul, Cappadoccia/Goreme, Bursa, Selcuk, Ephesus, Bergama, Bodrum, Antalaya, Sirince
WE REGRET MISSING: The eastern mountains.


  • Mandalay
Turkey Highlights

Situated in what was literally the middle of the world for thousands of years, Turkey straddles Asia and Europe, both old and new of each. Not only a geographically important place for ancient trade between Asia, Europe and the Middle East, it also was the seat of some of the world´s most powerful empires, leaving a rich and protected cultural history. To understand Turkey is to understand the world, sadly though it would take many lifetimes to see all of her beauty.


Istanbul stands today as it has for generations, as one of the greatest cities on earth. Home to several of the world´s great empires, a gateway to Asia and Europe, and a true melting pot of cultures, few could visit and resist it´s charm.


Cappadocia is a special place, original settlers carved cave homes and churches into the unique hillsides creating a scene that seems more apt for a fairy tale land than the real world. Visitors are astonished by the over 1000 year old paintings, cave hotels and great foods to be found throughout the region.

Ephesus & Bergama

Cities as old as time themselves both Ephesus and Bergama played pivotal roles in world history, even getting called out in the Bible´s Book of Revelation. Today they stand as open air museums to a time long lost, but inspire visitors to wander through their remaining grandeur.


The founders of Sirince named it \"ugly\" hoping to keep people from to their newfound paradise. The trick worked for years, maintaining beautiful views, stunning scenery and quaint village life. Visitors quickly realize that Sirince is anything but ugly...


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